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He, I wanna tell you a story about my traveling. Get some meal and coffee to accompany, because it’s kinda long reading hehehe. I had actually posted this story long time ago, but some of my pals didn’t understand because I was posting it in Indonesian instead of English. Ok, let’s get the party um writing started.

Going to Batu

In the mid of Eid al-Fitr of 2014 (in Indonesia it called as Idul Fitri), it was Thursday I went to City of Batu for 3 days and 2 nights. I chose Batu because I love its mountain view. I left my home on 6.30 A.M and rode “Hamie” my lovely motor bike in the normal speed to the south. The road between Surabaya to Porong weren’t too crowded so I could see views along the way. Few KMs before Porong, it is a fork near Kaludan Hospital, I turned left and headed to an used toll freeway, well it was used as a normal freeway but since Lapindo mud volcano happened this freeway were closed due to the road and villages around were buried and today any kind of vehicles and people can pass through.

Surabaya-Malang Alternative route via ex freeway

Surabaya Malang Alternative Route

Ex Porong Freeway

Unused Porong Freeway

Finally I reached the end of the “freeway”, went passed the toll gate and no one was there lol. Suddenly I heard my stomach was starting to scream for meal, so I stopped by in the local diner at Kejapanan to buy a meal, and my breakfast menu was Pecel [1], a tasty Indonesian cuisine. After done my breakfast and having black coffee, I got back on my bike and headed to the next stop. When arrived between Pandaan and Purwoasri, I saw unbelievable super crowded traffic lol, it was holiday and everyone was going to the same location, I was guessing they were going to Batu too. People who drove cars or buses would be dead lol, I was bit lucky, cause I drove a bike, it can go through between cars and buses. Wow, finally I freed off the crowd.

Wonosari Tea Plantation

After working hard for a way out I went to Wonosari Tea Plantation [2]. The place was great, I once ever visited this plantation about 10 years ago with friends, at that time it wasn’t really good like today. Now the owner added some entertainment to the visitors, such as live music, tandem bikes, mini scooters, café and there are a mini store for selling off their products..

Product Store

Product Store

Lanang Coffee

Lanang Coffee

I ordered a cup of coffee, Kopi Lanang, and I also bought 3 bags of coffee, 2 bags were my friend’s and a bag was mine. The Robusta one was IDR 12,000 and the Arabica was IDR 12,500.

Java arabica and Robusta Ground Coffee

I, in the middle of tea plantation

In the middle of tea plantation

The Wonosari Tea Plantation

At the Batu City

Ok, the next stop was the Batu itself. Because the main road to Batu via Malang City was crowded, so I decided to going through longer alternative route. I also passed through UMM, an Islamic University with their beautiful valley view and buildings, this college ain’t the largest one but the scenery is the best in Malang area. After a half an hour drive I arrived at Batu, then I went to town square food court to get my lunch, the place was so crowded, luckily I could get myself a seat. I ordered seafood fried rice and a coffee, the meal was nice but the coffee weren’t. The lunch time was done then I went to Jatim Park 1[5], the most popular amusement park in Jawa Timur Province but I decided not going in there due to super crowded, I also stopped by at Jatim Park 2, a modern zoo park and I didn’t get in too hehe kinda wasting time, well I would get in there if I had enough time to explore. Also went through lol Transportation Meseum and Batu Night Spectacular, an amusement park opens at night. Then I went to KUD Ganesha to buy a local yogurt drink, ohh it was bad, the line was so long, ok would get it later. It is now the time to search for a hotel, my first choice was Kartika Raya, the hotel I usually stay over when working travel around Malang, too bad it was fully booked, the Arumdalu Hotel was too lol. It was actually my fault because I should have booked a room weeks ago. After  I checked my saved bookmarks out and made some calls I found some available hotels but it was not in the City of Batu, but was at the uphill town of Selecta. I went in a hotel (no need to mention a name), asked the attendant to show me the room, whoa the room was bad, no bathroom, no windows, it looked like a short-time hotel, people usually cum on the bed, I cancelled the room and ran away. The second available was Santoso, the hotel I finally stayed overnight yeeehaah.. An old family hotel but the room was nice, bathroom inside, hot water included, nice bed and a great view to the mountains. The rate was okay, IDR 200,000[3] per night. The Santoso Hotel Selectaopening google maps is not on the main road but it can be reached by a car, it’s about a hundred meter up way north from the Selecta junction then go left into an alley, there’s a hotel sign nearby so you won’t missed.

Hotel’s Bed

Hotel bed

View from the hotel

Selecta View from the hotel

After done unpacking my backpack, taking a shower and done some writings, I went to downtown Batu through an alternative route via Torongrejo Village, the road was narrow and dark lol fortunately I had my GPS always on, so no worries being lost on the road. Then I went to a diner to get night meals, it was a delicious Ayam Penyet hehe. My next stop was a bamboo café at 51, Jalan Trunojoyo called Warung Nusantara and I ordered a cup of coffee, Arabican Toraja Kalosi + milk (an Indonesian coffee from Island of Celebes/Sulawesi) and a Darmi (A local scrambled noodles and eggs meal).

Toraja Kalosi Arabica Coffee

Toraja Kalosi Arabica Coffee

At 9 pm, I went back to hotel to different route via Jalan Indragiri (Oh yes I do love exploring roads). At the hotel I wrote down some notes about the traveling and playing my phone till midnight then went to bed. I woke up in the cold morning brrr… and had my Kare Ayam breakfast, it was tasty rofl.  Then got back to hotel packing in my stuff, paid the bill and checked out. I got on the horse and went down to Batu. Was trying the second time to stop by at Ganesha to buy my favorite melon yogurt drinks but the line was way too long, ok baby next time when I get back here I will get and suck you lol.

At Nongkojajar

The next city stop was Nongkojajar, a small town in the slope of Tengger Mountains, the fastest way to the main road of Surabaya – Malang is going thru Karangploso. At around 2am I dropped by at a diner to have my lunch, Sambel Goreng Ati and a coffee. I got my internet browser opened and searched for a nice place to stay overnight, I found 3 phone number listed, called and text them right away  for reservation, the first number was unreachable, the second was replied me late and the third one was okay, it was a hostel but I booked a private room. The  route to Nongkojajar was started from Purwodadi and go up way north, it was kinda hard for my bike but everything was fine till now, I went thru woods and cliffs for about an hour and half. I arrived there around 6pm, I had a nice dinner, Sate Ayam hehehe, then I checked into the hostel. The name is Wisma Baitani, it looks like a religious retreat camp but rent for visitors, the place is pretty quiet and okay so does the rooms. A minimalist room for IDR 75,000 was fine. A very standart facilities, such as 2 pair of beds, a table, a chair and a power jack. Bathrooms are at downstairs, hot water included. The GPS coordinates are . for reservation, call on +62343499272 . Around Nongkojajar there are some nice fruits plantations. Up way to the east is going to Mount Bromo[4] with its small town Tosari.

Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo

Taken from Wikipedia

August 2 was my last day on this trip, after done checking out of hostel I went to Warung Si Mbok to have a lunch. The fried rice and the coffee was amazing, it cost me IDR 15,000 coffee was excluded. Then I went back down to Lawang and continued to Pandaan then turned left and climbed up Trawas fooling around and bought a soda at the convenient store, went down to Tretes taking some pictures and then rode thru road of the slope of Arjuna mountains, dropped by for a coffee… It is amazing having coffee while viewing the mountains and thinking over a plan to re-visit Jakarta continuing my first trip.

Mount Arjuno

Arjuno Mountains

The sky went dark so I got down and back home to Surabaya.

See you in my next trip stories…

1. Pecel, Indonesian foods

2. Wonosari Tea Plantation

3. Indonesian Rupiah Converter

4. Mount Bromo

5. Jatim Park


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